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Smadav Pro Antivirus 13.9 Crack +Free Download 2020

August 27, 2020

Smadav Pro Antivirus Crack is an anti-virus program designed to protect your Windows computer. The virus is a simple and secure program that allows you to control infections directly from viruses and ensure that your Windows computer is protected at all times. It is primarily for the protection of your computer so the program does not provide general security.

Smadav Pro Antivirus Crack

Smadav Pro Antivirus Crack 13.9 +Free Download 2020

Smadav Pro Antivirus 13.9 Crack is one of the most widely used anti-virus software for Windows users. The designation is not only painless to use the whole program, but it is quick to speed up and completely reliable. Fun, it is not recommended to be necessary protection for your computer, but when everything is successful, everything is secondary. After all these years, its popularity has not diminished, and another new anti-virus program looks just as good. If you regularly browse the Internet or install new software, it is strongly recommended that you use other security products that provide general protection.

Smadav Pro Antivirus Free Download on PC – Antivirus Smadav for Windows 10 64 bit – Most anti-virus programs cannot be installed with other anti-virus software because anti-virus software is to protect your computer system. Unlike Smadav is a type of anti-virus designed as additional protection, so Smadav acts as a second layer of protection, although there are other initiatives in your computer system. Smadav improves the security of your computer system and has its way of detecting and clearing viruses. Due to the limited use of Smadav resources, Smadav does not significantly increase your computer performance.

Smadav Pro Antivirus Crack Key Free Download 2020

Features of Smadav 2020 Pro Full

Broadband online updates

It can automatically update with an internet connection each time it is updated. SmadAV installs the latest updates without any user commands. Unlike SmadAV for free, you still need to upgrade by downloading the newest update on and opening the SmadAV program first to update SmadAV on your computer.

Quick check

This software can be installed to speed up the scanning process. SmadAV analyzes the file type, and only the company can find the video in the video. This feature is very useful in speeding up the scanning process without compromising visibility.

Special List

SmadAV List List Pro has a section that can be used as a file, folder, or any particular registry that you should keep clean and not forget to browse (should not be overlooked). When a file, folder, or register is entered into an exclusive list, it is ignored, and Smudav has not found any virus.

Restore / restore display

If you find SmadAV small, you can click the video button or resize the SmadAV. Or, if you think SmadAV is a big deal, you can delete the appropriate list and click on the Hide panel to make SmadAV smaller.

The color scheme is changing.

SmadAV Pro can change the color scheme while first making SmadAV your favorite color green. In the theme color settings, you will find your color scheme for the SmadaV project. When you change the color of the project, you change the color of the entire SmadAV presentation to the color of your choice.

Profit agreement

The free version of SMADAV is permitted for the use of non-computer as a home/computer without any management agency, whether the SmadAV Pro presentation is used for members of SmadAV or a management / administrative firm (companies, cafes, shops, rentals, computer services, studios, etc.).

Administrator Password

If you are an administrator on a computer network (such as tenants, companies, etc.), you must have permission to use SmadAV by entering a password to access all parts of SmadAV. Users can also do virus scanning and cleaning but do not have access to the download section, updates, tools, and settings on SmadAV, but we have the administrator password you set.

More Features

  • Add a horizontal file to clean up your system using.
  • To manage the process with projects running on your system by the administrative authority.
  • To change the add-on option, System Reporter works best.
  • To open some operating systems in the Windows window with the power of the Win Store.
  • To protect your drive from certain virus infections, a system provider is available.
  • One hundred percent is compatible with other antivirus viruses.
  • USB antivirus prevention prevents the brain from being spread by USB drivers.
  • Ideal for offline use.
  • Proper equipment to clean the infection.
  • A separate list is provided, including scanning the file folder.
  • Enhancing and modifying the IAP appendix.
  • This not only eliminates problems but also eliminates registration errors.
  • Protect from your USB virus.
  • They are designed to use a PC without an internet connection.
Product Details
  • Fast scan and low CPU resource consumption.
  • Fix program flaws and fake searches.
  • The most important research techniques used in hieroglyphics and whispering
  • A new general scan to clean up unknown viruses
  • Locate and clean closed viruses via USB Flashdisk
  • Add new anti-ranware settings to protect your computer from Ransomware.
  • Anti-Ramawareware to prevent Ransomware from encrypting files
  • ¬†High accuracy by searching and clearing directory on USB flash disks.
  • New function to automatically hide files on USB flash drive
  • Improved USB and Internet protection.
  • Automatic virus installation and automatic virus scan on USB flash drives.
  • Improvement in sending statistics for Sabav Development.
System Requirement
  • OS Supported: Windows 7/8/10
  • Processor: Pentium IV or more
  • RAM: 1 GB RAM
  • Free disk weight: 20 MB or more
How to install?
  • Click on the download link above, then the Smadav installation file will be downloaded automatically by 2020. The downloaded name is smadav.exe.
  • Open the file installer, select the language you want to use in Smadav 2020, and click OK.
  • Then the installation window will open, click Next.
  • Then a “License Agreement” window will appear, click “I accept the agreement.”
  • If you want the SmadAV 2020 icon on your Windows desktop, check the “Additional Tasks” window that appears, create a desktop icon. If you’re going to send Smadav 2020 Performance Statistics to developers, check “Allow statistics to be sent.”
  • A “Ready to Install” window will appear, just click Install.
  • The installation process will go from there, wait a few seconds, Smadav 2020 is installed.
  • Smadav has been successfully installed, and this anti-virus program is running on your PC / Laptop.


Smadav uses its technique (behavior, heuristic, and tolerant list) to detect and clean viruses that improve the security of your computer. USB Flashdisk is one of the most used means of spreading viruses. Smadav uses its technology to prevent the spread of viruses and infection from USB Flash disk.

Smadav Pro Antivirus Crack

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