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TechTool Pro 12.0.3 Crack + Serial Code Free Download2020 [Latest]

September 16, 2020

TechTool Pro Crack is an easy-to-use and versatile macOS app that helps you scan your processor, RAM, video hardware, and other components for various symptoms to help prevent costly repairs. It is a complete utility that contains options for testing and repair, maintenance (including disk defragmentation), and data recovery. It is the app that helps tech tools bring it back to your Mac. You can start with Computer Check to perform a full diagnostics of your Mac hard drives.

TechTool Pro Crack

TechTool Pro 12.0.3 Crack + Serial Code Free Download2020 [Latest]

TechTool Pro Crack Key is a powerful application that performs quick surface testing and checks your computer for errors. Optimize disks for maximum performance and generate various disk reports. Users can clone disks and create emergency boot partitions with minimal effort. All in all, it is a complete solution to optimize your Mac for maximum performance in just a few clicks.

TechTool Pro Free Download for Mac has long been one of the most important utilities for keeping your Mac functional and efficient. With the release of version 9, he became more literate than ever. It provides tools to maintain and troubleshoot your Mac computer, including disk repair, RAM testing, and data protection. It is just a click away to run a comprehensive suite of tests on your computer hardware and attached drives. TechTool Pro does it all. You don’t need to buy additional software to keep your computer performing. One mouse click on your hard drive detects an impending hard drive failure that controls the Android ram test and the world. If it detects problems, plan to fix the problem now. You can regularly use the “Check Computer” preventive maintenance as part of the program. You can customize the tests with built-in preferences.

TechTool Pro Crack Key Free Download2020 [Latest]

Main feature:

TechTool protection

TechTool Pro includes an option to install a system panel to protect your Mac. New features include I / O error detection, self-power test, Mac slot in battery mode, and RAID mode (if applicable). It also consists of the same updates in the SMART and TechTool Pro reviews. Everyone, turn on the new interface.

Check Computer

Check Computer is a handy way of telling TechTool Pro to run an entire test build that gives you the best snapshot on your Mac powerfully. Sometimes it’s better not to check or measure a specific drive. By using the new configuration system, you have complete control over the Check Computer circuit. Human power.

Sections Map

TechTool Pro is known for testing your Mac file system. It is also essential to test the data system that contains Mac files: Map partition. A new model has been found. Partition map errors can cause entire volumes to disappear or prevent your Mac from booting up. If an error is detected, it can be fixed with a partition repair tool.

Repair Section

Along with Volume Roll, which also runs on Mac file systems, the Repair section of the rest of the drive holds volumes on your hard drive. This includes a hidden partition that keeps track of your Mac’s startup process. The Partition Maintenance Tool does exactly what it says it does, repairing partition maps or drives if needed.

Smart search

Power drives include a technology called SMART (Self Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology), which can inform a computer about the health of its hard drive. In most applications, only the complete result – pass or fail – tells the user. In a failed state, there is often a little time to back up data before the drive crashes. Previous versions of TechTool Pro reported no feature specifications whatsoever, but some features didn’t prevent drive failures. So far, the SMART Review has never gotten there. TechTool Pro now knows the qualities that caused it to fail and will report the crash results before the drive crashes. It gives you time to recover your data.

Structural design

Get an overview of your Mac’s performance. Design factors also use the methodology used to test design factors. By using this tool, you can get rates comparable to apple and apple speed control. Avoid the hassle of using Megahertz.


  • Check the fixed battery for iOS devices running macOS 10.15.4 or later and improve test performance for all supported macOS versions.
  • Additional support for MacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2020), MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2020, two Thunderbolt 3 ports), and MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2020, four Thunderbolt 3 ports).
  • A fixed issue where some Mac models were reported to be manufactured in 2010 instead of 2020.
  • Verify that the computer updates the package for the Intermediate package by default.
  • Bonjour device database is updated for local network tools.
  • Machine update database for machining review tool.
  • Updated localization for French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified).
  • Macintosh ID strings are updated for computer control.
  • The updated Sparkle framework has been updated to version 1.23.0.
Pros & Cons


  • A robust tool and a tool with component specific diagnostics
  • Excellent disk space and S.M.A.R.T. monitoring required
  • You can easily create an emergency storage partition with EDrive features


  • The planning aspects can be stronger
  • External / cloud-based services cannot be backed up
Key Details of Techh Tool:
  • Repair and protect your hard drives and Mac systems
  • Last updated 06.02.20
  • 1 update in the last six months
Technical Details:
  • Title: Techtool Pro 12.0.3
  • Developer: Micromat Inc.
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later 64-bit
  • English language
  • Includes: modification
  • Size: 199.1 MB
System Requirement
  • Mac OS X Kodiak, 10.0 (Cheetah), 10.1 (Puma), 10.2 (Jaguar), 10.3 (Panther), 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard), 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion)
  • OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan) and
  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra), 10.13 (High Sierra), 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina) and later versions.
  • Hardware support: Intel or PowerPC Mac.
How to install?
  • First, you need to download the techtool software.
  • After downloading, the download must be configured to open a file on your computer.
  • Now install the software by clicking on it.
  • The second installation is due to better use.
  • You have to book for its operation, as in other places.
  • Now run the application.
  • Now, you can run the program and enjoy it.


There are a few other features you can add to the planning tools and it would be nice to bring the data back to a remote location, but the tools in TechTool Pro are powerful and the versions are well developed. In addition to the standard hard drive recovery and optimization tools, it’s nice to see more component-related tests (like pixel scanning and RAM chips on a blank screen). The new version is not revolutionary, it is a step in the right direction and can help repair or prevent the next crisis.

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